Reactivating Pathways to Healing


Caeregen Therapeutics discovers and develops novel therapies which repair, restore, and protect damaged and diseased tissues by reactivating the pathways and signaling which accompany normal cellular and tissue development. Our revolutionary regenerative medicine approaches have the potential to restore lost or degraded functioning to diseased tissue and organs.

Our Science

Reimagining Treatments for Vision Loss and Beyond.

As a company dedicated to pursuit of regenerative medicine approaches for sensory-related diseases, Caeregen Therapeutics applies leading-edge science and technologies to the discovery and development of novel therapies to repair, restore, and protect diseased or damaged sensory and neurologic structures. We are a pre-clinical company advancing one of our first discoveries, Noregen®, (CTR-107), a synthetic protein modeled after human norrin, a naturally occurring protein that guides retinal vascular formation in fetal development. Our work demonstrates that Noregen® (CTR-107) targets the progressive loss of the tiny capillary vessels and may promote their organized re-growth as well as that of neuronal and ganglion cells responsible for conducting light to the optic nerve that can contribute to vision restoration.


Supporting the body in repairing damaged cells


Promoting the organized regrowth of vessles and cells


Protecting and preserving tissue integrity

Pipelines & Programs

Our lead drug program is the first of a new class of regenerative medicine therapies designed to reverse retina-related vision loss. Noregen® (CTR-107) is a synthetic protein modeled after the naturally occurring protein norrin that guides retinal blood vessel as well as neuronal cell development in the earliest stages of life. Noregen®(CTR-107) is also being explored in other sensory disease applications.

About Noregen®(CTR-107)

Regenerative therapy to heal diseases of the retina


Pioneering Researchers Developing a Novel Regenerative Therapeutic

Caeregen Therapeutics was founded by leading researchers and practicing physicians in the retinal disease field. The passion to overcome the challenges facing the patients with whom our founders work each day and the urgent need for more effective, durable and reliable treatments is what drives our company’s research and relentless pursuit of breakthroughs.  The ambitious goal of restoring capillary function and stimulating their healthy regrowth along with that of neuronal cells in order to reverse vision loss in diseases affecting retina led the team to develop Noregen® (CTR-107).

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